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I grew a little different in the small towns and rural areas of the Northwest. The closest thing I had to a computer growing up was my NES. My dad had this old mechanical typewriter that I used to type out summaries of dinosaur books that checked out from the school library. I got kicked out of band when I was in the fifth grade. But I never had a lot of interest in school music production. Back then music classes were all music that nobody really cared about. Whatever school musical they could perform without paying a bunch of royalties. I went to a small school. Where were all smalls schools out there. It was the late 1980s but we still had text books that had pictures of people in bell bottom pants. We complained about it but we didn't know how the education system would change from teaching math, science, history, and art to a focus on Neo-Marxist indoctrination. We didn't realize but those text books with the bell bottoms were about the last period in American history when schools actually tought something useful. We still learned about the constitution back then.

I was at the tail end of Generation X. I watched a lot of R rated movies growing up. Action movies with cheese one liners, Karate, and renegade cops shooting weaver pistols weaver stance. It was also a time when cyberpunk was coming into it's own as a unique genre of films, books, and of course video games. It was a time of hair metal and glamour rock back when MTV was white. We had He-Man, Transformers, GI Joe, and Voltron. We didn't Sponguebob or any of that pussy shit. It was a time before political correctness or any of that communist bullshit. We rode our bikes without helmets and nobody bothered getting a flu shot back then. After all, that's what T Cells were for. Fuck your optics. It was the tail end of the cold war and there was always a looming threat of nuclear war or some environmental catastrophe. It was Chernobyl.

Being a teenager in 1990s was awkward. I watched the majority of the people I knew slip into drug culture. Our generation lost of lot of people to drug overdoses and suicide. The nihilistic , consumerist shit hole of a culture that was 90s and early 2000s never sat right with me. A bunch of people spending every penny they had so they could fit in. I never had money growing up. So none of that shit ever mattered to me. I was one of the lucky ones.

I joined the military for college money. I know you're supposed to say that you did it for patriotic reasons or some bullshit like that. Fuck your optics. This is real life. I got bit by a tic during my service and I have suffered life long neurological complications associated with Lyme disease. I didn't collect a dime of disability until more recently either. I still only get 10% for tinnitus. It would be hard for them to deny my claim when I literally have a type of bomb named after me. I was never compensated for Lyme disease and life of hardship. But I suppose that is service. I know a lot of people who positive military experiences. That wasn't my story though.

I took up computer programming as a hobby when I was in my 30s. I enjoy the problem solving aspects of coding and I appreciate language in its many forms. I also learned how to hack. It's not a graphical as in the movies. It's not even fun most of the time and it's a lot of work. Once again the problem solving aspect of it enticed me. I started producing music late in 2020. I had spent a lot of time fucking around with computers so producing music on computers, smart phones, and tablets wasn't much of a stretch and the learning curve wasn't at all steep compared to learning the ins and out of multiple operating systems. It was a better use of my time than programming or administration. People also get to enjoy the end product. I had a series of life events that left me traveling, camping out, and doing gig work whenever I could find it. When I wasn't working I was drinking vodka and producing music. To date I've produced about 390 tracks of various genres.

I like to spend time outdoors. I like campfires and hiking. I like remote places with few people. I like swimming in lakes and rivers. There's a lot more to me but it's 4am and I don't really like to talk about myself anyway. You can support my work by adding me to your Spotify playlist, downloading my music from iTunes, or some other bullshit like that. I'm open to licensing music for idependent movies, video games, or commercial use. Mostly I just want people to be happy.